About Us

I have 28years experience in Insurance industry.

I am K.N. Prakash Kumar, Development officer BHEL branch. I have 28years experience in Insurance industry. I am An Award holder in Certified Chartered Insurance Institute in Financial planning India.

My specialty is to make ordinary people earn Extra ordinary income through LIC commission in a short span of time. Through my meticulous training and guidance, I will make sure that the agent earns Rs50,000 to Rs5,00,000 PER month within three years of time and occupy top position in LIC.

I will be conducting Regular one to one training classes on weekly basis, Regular basic training classes and hand holding training for fresher's, Part timers and beginners. My specialty is to provide quality training to become MDRT Agent with a scope of earning Rs 14,00,000 commission in one year and to earn Big renewal commission every year to each and every agent in my team in a Short span of time.

I Shall guide my agents to acquire Marketing skills, Selling techniques, and communication skills, and Personality development through regular coaching, Motivational classes and Daily follow ups and sms. My specialty is concept based selling, Excellent multiple package presentation specially designed to individual customer based on their needs.

I shall monitor regularly month wise performance of each agent, follow up their prospecting customers and the agents with customised product presentation for each client of their individually, set them the targets and motivate them to achieve the given Target in a specified time frame, strive to achieve and make them earns the prescribed commission of Rs1,00,000 per month in one year*.

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